Some of our recent work.

Case Studies

Some of our recent work.
Case Study 1

Group Sim

The Problem: is a website that rents SIM cards, mobile phones and MiFi cards for people traveling to Israel. The orders were always taken over the phone and written down on order forms. That's a problem - no website and order forms?!
The Solution:
We developed a beautifuly designed website using wordpress. Customers can go directly to their website and place orders online. No more papers flying around! If a customer has an issue they can chat instantly on the integrated live chat.

Now has a beautiful online shop where customers can order their rentals.
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Case Study 2

The Chocolate Bar

The Problem:
The Chocolate Bar is a locally owned chocolate, candy, nuts and gift shop.
The challenge was, how to take the business to the next level and sell products beyond their brick and mortar store.
The Solution:
We developed a beautifully designed ecommerce website using wordpress and woocommerce. It is easy to maintain without many employees and has all their products listed online.

Now The Chocolate Bar has a beautiful ecommerce website where customers can check out their items.
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Case Study 3

Blossom Homecare

The Problem:
Blossom Homecare had only had a simple landing page for their company. As the agency expanded they needed a more advanced website to showcase their services.
The Solution:
We created an awesome website with a custom theme. They are now able to showcase all of their services and job openings online professionally.

Now Blossom Homcare Agnecy has the awesome website they needed.
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Case Study 4

Esther Novak

The Problem:
Esther Novak is a creative copywriter for meaningful organizations and brands. Her website was non-exsitant. The problem in her words was, "being a copywriter without a website felt like being a shoemaker without shoes".
The Solution:
We developed a professionally branded and fully customized website on wordpress. The site was built to portray her professionalism and personality, with a little sprinkle of fun added in there as well.

Now she can proudly be the "shoemaker with shoes"."
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Case Study 5

Plaster Vision

The Problem:
Plaster Visions is a manufacturer of fine quality architectural mouldings. But, in order to present their products to customers, they needed to manually send images. The business website was really old and not helpfull at all.
The Solution:
We developed a beautifuly designed website using wordpress. Now they can display all of their products on the website. Customers can also send them questions about any of the items directly from the item page.

Now Plaster Vision has an updated modern online catalog of all their products.
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Case Study 6

LA Whisper

The Problem: coming soon...
The Solution: coming soon...

Now LA Whisper has website to premier all their new products and accept orders.
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