Some of my recent work.

Case Studies

Some of my recent work.
Case Study 1

The Chocolate Bar

The Problem:
The Chocolate Bar is a locally owned chocolate, candy, nuts and gift shop. The challenge was, how to take the business to the next level and sell products beyond their brick and mortar store.
The Solution:
I developed a beautifully designed ecommerce website using wordpress and woocommerce. It is easy to maintain without many employees and has all their products listed online.

Now The Chocolate Bar has a beautiful ecommerce website where customers can checkout their items.
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Case Study 2

Plaster Vision

The Problem:
Plaster Visions is a manufacturer of fine quality architectural mouldings. But in order to show their clients their product they needed to manually send images. The business website was really old and helpfull at all.
The Solution:
I developed a beautifuly designed website using wordpress. Now they can display all of their products beatufully. And customers can send them questions about any of the items directly from the item page.

Now Plaster Vision has an updated modern online catalog of all their products.
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